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Empowering People One Program at a Time

Contentment Social Services is a non-profit organization in Edmonton, Alberta that invests in tomorrow's leaders by revitalizing communities through education, vocational training, and partnerships. Our portfolio of programs is your pathway to stability, security, and sustenance – from employment assistance to housing referrals, financial management, and women-empowerment.

Together, we will lift the impoverished out of the binds of financial entrapment by empowering:

  • The unemployed/underemployed
  • Young adults who have aged out of foster care
  • Teen Parents/Single Parents
  • Outreach Programs
  • Veterans returning from active duty
  • Recent prison parolees
  • Immigrants assimilating to life in Canada
  • Visible Minority Groups


Envisioning a world without boundaries, equal opportunities for all.


At CSSF,  we foresee an obligation to the community as a provider of equality in services, and together, we will lift the impoverished out of the binds of financial entrapment by empowering by:

  • Attain best restorative level and enhance growth
  • Be instilled with pride and awareness
  • Connectivity and self-worth
  • Empowerment
  • Financial stability and growth
  • Maintain an exceptional level of independence and quality living
  • A second chance for a better life
  • Employment
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Immigrants assimilating life to Canada
  • Affordable housing


Our values:


Be honest, accountable, transparent, objective, constructive, respectful and trusting in our dealings with others and appreciate their views, difference, and disabilities


Our staff will provide a safe and respectful work environment that attracts supports, develops and recognizes high-performing and innovative team members while striving to maintain work-life balance.


We will work effectively as a team, appreciating and benefiting from each other's unique talents and skills in an open environment while recognizing that the team's success is our success.


We contribute to our community and encourage our staff members to contribute in ways that reflects our vision statement, balancing our needs with those of others.


  • Professional quality of service offered
  • Reliability: being available through on-call and adequate staffing
  • Effective collaboration with other community professionals (physicians, hospitals and other organizations)
  • Adaptability and responding to changing needs with optimism and creativity
  • Consistency, accountability, and confidentiality
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