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Although Parenthood can be rewarding, enlightening, and enjoyable, we all need a break to stay healthy and sane. Parents play a crucial role of raising the next generation, although some parents begin their journey of parenthood with little preparation and learn through trial and error. All parents share the same challenge of wanting to raise their children in a health, safe and predictable environment. The challenge became even more when parents are dealing with children as they need extra assistance and care to develop to their full attention with developmental disabilities. With respite services, you can focus on taking care of yourself and the other aspects of your life.

Here at Contentment Social Services, we promote the health and well-being of the disadvantaged and vulnerable populations by becoming a successful leader in the provision of quality services, programs, and community-based solutions. Whether you are looking to foster care or in need of respite services for a loved one, we have a numerous programs and services and resources available for you. Our family services aims to support children, youth, and adults through outcome-oriented services.


- Children and Adult Respite Service

- 24-Hour Respite Service

- Overnight Respite Service

- Community Respite Service

- Group Respite Service

- Virtual Respite Service

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