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A Second Chance

With the myriad difficulties that face the world, it is essential to have organizations making the planet a better place. For years, Contentment Social Services has strived to providing support such as funding for education, essential needs, home support, clothing, and medical coverage for orphan children in Uganda & Sudan, Senegal, and other places.

A Helping Hand where it is needed the most.

On a monthly basis, CSS would send financials support to families caring for orphans in Uganda and Sudan. The funding is gathered through bottle drives or donations from members of the community.

CSS is currently working on Building an Orphan and school in Uganda in order to provide education and equal opportunity to all the orphan children in the community.

This program is aims to provide the following :

Subsidized tuition payment(those who can afford)


Child care services


Medical Services

Monthly Allowances and necessities


Housing Programs

Post Secondary Education opportunity and Career Planning

Apprenticeship and Sponsorship Programs

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